Air Gripper

Air Gripper

Offers one of the most extensive lines of pneumatic grippers (air grippers) in the industry today. The series include pneumatic rotary grippers, two, three and four finger parallel styles that are ideal for gripping and centering; a wide opening parallel model, designed to accommodate many different sized parts; a heavy duty style, suitable for a wide range of applications; an angular model, speed adjustment built in; a toggle to give reliable gripping support; a low-contamination style, equipped with a protective boot; and electric models.


Low Profile - MHF
The low profile design saves space, reduces bending moments and improves accuracy with smooth operation. Available with three standard stroke lengths (short, medium, long) for each bore size.
Standard with Linear Guide - MHZ
The MHZ2 Series gripper has an integrated linear guide for high rigidity, positioned with two dowel pins to prevent guide slippage. It has mounitng versatility on three sides, in five configurations. Available in single acting (N.O., N.C.) and double acting.
Wide Opening - MHL
Designed for applications that require a wide range of travel for gripping many different sized workpieces; the MHL2 Series finger motion is synchronized by a rack-and-pinion mechanism. The double piston construction creates a compact gripper with a large holding force. Vacuum ports, copper fluorine and silicon free options available.
High Precision - MHR
The MHR2 grippers utilize a parallel opening and closing mechanism that features a cross roller guide to permit smooth action without vibration for high precision and long life.
High Rigidity - MHQ
The MHQJ2 gripper is available in three dust cover materials: standard rubber, fluororubber and silicone rubber. The MHQG2, high rigidity gripper is avaialble in both single and double acting types.

Wedge Cam - MHK & MHS
These grippers utilize a wedge cam design to minimize their overall size, allow no lateral vibration along stroke direction once the workpiece is held, while retaining a high holding force.




Mechanical Toggle - MHT2
When the gripper fingers are closed, the toggle mechanism is actuated to produce a strong and stable holding force, even when air pressure drops or is lost. The finger opening angle ranges from 28° to -3°.



Maximum 30° - MHC
The finger opening angle ranges from 30° to -10° making the MHC2 suitable for workpieces of odd shapes and where space is too tight to accommodate a parallel type gripper.

Maximum 180° - MHW & MHY

While the fingers are in the 180° retracted position, these grippers can move in an X-Y plane to the work location.

MHZ2, Air Gripper, Parallel Type, Standard
MHZA2, Air Gripper, Parallel Type, Compact
MHZL2, Air Gripper, Parallel Type, Long Stroke
MIS, Escapement, 1 Finger Type ,2 Finger Type
RS(D)Q, Stopper Cylinder, Fixed Mounting Height
RS2H, Heavy Duty Stopper Cylinder
RSH, Stopper Cylinder, Heavy Duty
RZQ, 3 Position Cylinder (Standard Strokes Only)
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